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Why get cars for sale in Ethiopia cars for sale in Ethiopia: One thing people state when they want to purchase cars in Ethiopia is that they are quite expensive. Sure, the prices do tend to vary depending on region and ...
How to benefit from used car sales in Ethiopia Finding the best used car sales in Ethiopia can indeed be a tricky thing but on the other hand it can be the one way to obtain some amazing returns. It all comes down to fi ...
Makina Cars.et is great for any car sell in Ethiopia just because it helps deliver a very good user experience and it lists a variety of great makina. Here you can find just about any car type you want. Plus, they are f ...

Cars-et.et is an online marketplace specializing in the sale of automobiles.
It acts as an intermediary between people who are considering the purchase of a car and those who have cars for sale.
Our platform is open to private sellers as well as to professionals in the automobile sector. We list advertisements from individuals and businesses offering both used and new vehicles.



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